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Health Watch: Top 5 Foods Your Dog Should Avoid

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We’ve all been there. Your sitting down to a lovely meal, and there your dog is. Staring up at you with those big puppy eyes just begging for a tasty scrap of food….

You think to yourself: “What’s the harm? It’s just a bite”

While the occaisional treat can be fine for your pet, keep in mind many foods that us humans find tasty can cause serious problems for our furbabies!

Keep your loved companion happy and healthy by avoiding these foods:

  • Grapes – Why exactly this juicy fruit can be toxic to dogs is still a bit of a scientific mystery. What is known is that these small treats can spell real disaster for some dogs. A few grapes could lead to vomiting or diarrhea, so be safe, and keep them out of reach of your curious pooch.
  • Sugary Treats – Items like cookies, cakes, etc can be just as unhealthy for our pooches as they are for us.  With tons of sugar and fat that could upset any dog’s stomach, make sure you don’t leave these homemade specialties (and any desserts) out for a roaming dog to reach. And while you’re doggy proofing the kitchen, be sure to stash the chocolate away too!
  • Meat off the Bone – . Though your dog may appreciate (and wait) for a slow cooked, leftover ham or chicken bone, resist the urge! Cooked bones can be brittle and splinter easily leading to dangerous fragments that could get stuck in your dog’s throat. Even small bones can make it into your dog’s stomach and lead to gut-wrenching constipation.
  • Nuts – With some nuts, weakness, depression, tremors, and vomiting can occur, within 24 hours of ingesting them. This is especially true with Macadamia nuts. If you suspect your pooch has eaten nuts, of any kind, alert your vet and follow their recommendations.
  • Alcohol – Yes, we know this is a no-no, but keep in mind that foods cooked with alcohol should not be given to dogs either! Alcohol can be just as intoxicating for dogs as it is for humans and can cause some awful side effects.

Don’t forget to cook something tasty (and safe) for your furry friend! If you’re looking for a great (and healthy) dog treat recipe, click here.

THE PERFECT #PELFIE : Tips for Taking the Best Photos of Your Pet

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“No, stay – don’t move!”

“That’s perfect, wait…let me grab the camera!”

Sound familiar? Dogs are notoriously hard picture takers, but when you get the right pic, it can be priceless!

Whether you have a high energy dog that is always on the move, or a chill-axed pooch that’s “too cool for school”, these simple tips can help you land the best picture to capture your dog’s personality.

Let Your Pup Get Comfortable

Lots of us can be camera shy, and the same holds true for our furbabies! Give your pet the chance to get comfortable with the camera by taking a few moments to snap photos of the surrounding area before diving in.

Turn off the Flash

The pros will tell you: natural light is your friend and can cover a whole host of sins while trying to get that perfect shot with your camera’s flash (or even worse your phone’s flash!) can create wonky shadows and harsh light that ruins a photo.  Get your pup outside and enjoy some play time in the early morning or late afternoon for a wonderful golden glow that will make your photos feel magical.

Simple colors

When snapping a dog pic, try simple backgrounds that won’t take away from your dog’s lovable mug. Whites, natural scenes, or even a solid colored blanket draped over their favorite lounge spot can make vibrant backdrops. If you’re outdoors, use the natural setting to find some cool props like sticks, leaves – and don’t forget fun fetch toys too!

Timing Matters

If you want an action shot, don’t wait until after you’ve taken your pooch for your daily 4 mile jog! If you’re looking for a nice calm portrait of a happy pup, try saving the photo shoot for after. Keep the style you want in mind and then plan accordingly.

Get down to business

Some dogs may be camera shy, so find ways to make them feel comfortable around the camera. Get on their level, and try sitting or laying on the floor with your camera. Chances are, after a few minutes of seeing you on all fours, they’ll be less distracted and this gives you the perfect opportunity to snap some interesting and up-close-and-personal pics of your furry best friend. Plus, you won’t have to worry about having your feet in the pictures!

With these tips in mind you’ll be staring on Dogs of Instagram in no time! And remember! Those perfect #Pelfies make great pawtraits!



Whose is Cleaner? – The Dog vs. Human Mouth Myth Revealed!

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Have you ever heard that the human mouth is filthier than a dogs’? Yes – we all have, but research shows that this is just a myth.

Despite all the stick chewing, butt licking, and trash eating, their mouths are not as clean as we thought. It’s really an apple to oranges comparison. Our mouths are no cleaner. Instead, we just have our own host of nasty bacteria that love the moisture of the human mouth.

In fact, a dog’s mouth is home to lots of germs and has a huge population of living organisms to rival their two-legged owners. There are a few bacterial species that live in both human and dogs’ mouths which can cause a host of dental diseases.

One example is the Porphyromonas, the bacteria known for causing the serious gum infection called periodontal disease. This can lead to the loosening of teeth and their eventual falling out. In some cases, dogs are spared from dental disorders that are common among humans. Take tooth decay as another example. According to the World Health Organization, tooth decay affects up to 90% of children worldwide. Yet, only 5% of dogs are diagnosed with this dental issue. This may be due to their more alkaline or basic saliva which is not as hospitable to tooth decay causing bacteria.


In any event, you can take some very simple steps to monitor your dog’s oral health.

  1. Breathe on Me

Yes, you should actually smell your dog’s breath. It won’t smell like a bed of roses, but it is a quick and easy way to stay alert if there is trouble brewing. If a bad smelling breath is also followed by a loss of appetite, vomiting or excessive drinking or urinating – then it’s time to call the doctor!

  1. Lift the Lip and Look

At least once a week lift your dog’s lips and check out their gums and teeth. You want to look for unusual redness, swelling, loose, or missing teeth. The gums should be pink and the teeth should be relatively clean with no brownish colored junk on them.

  1. Watch Out for the Signs

Here is your go-to list for dental warning signs. If your dog has any of these, his mouth may be to blame!

  • Bad breath – think rotten sewage smell
  • Excessive drooling – we mean like buckets
  • Inflamed gums – like a balloon
  • Tumors or cysts under the tongue – craters but not the good kind
  • Loose teeth – like your 2nd grade school picture!

[1] https://scienceline.org/2008/04/ask-jiang-dogmouth/

Driving Miss Daisy – The Dog Remix

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Did you know that thousands of dogs die each year in car accidents? It’s sad, but true.[1] An unrestrained dog can experience significant bodily injury during a car accident. Over 83% of dog owners travel with their four-legged best friends in the car, but only 16% of owners restrain their dogs to keep them safe, a recent AAA study found.[2]


The next time you go for a joy ride with your dog, be sure to keep them safe by:

  1. Using a crash-tested seatbelt and harness device that is attached to the car’s seatbelt system or to the cargo tie downs. Keeping dogs restrained can save your life and those riding with you. Unrestrained dogs and people can quickly become air-borne causing great damage to anything they are thrown into.
  2. Checking your airbags if your pooch likes to ride shotgun. If your car is a newer model, you may be able to disable the passenger airbag. Some cars will automatically disable the air bag deployment if no weight is felt on the seat. Either way, know your airbag situation and when in doubt put smaller dogs in the back seat.
  3. Taking the time to secure the dog’s carseat correctly. Dog carseats are rarely made to be able to withstand the force and pressure that occur during impact. Make sure the carseat is installed correctly and use an additional harness and tether to attach your dog to your car’s seatbelt system. It’s not as easy as just jumping in the car, but a few minutes delay can make sure everyone arrives safely.
  4. Considering the safest place for riding. For small dogs, the back seat is the safest place for them. You may consider using an elevated car seat or folding one of the seats in the back to give your pooch a higher level view. Remember, buy a crash-tested car seat – don’t let your dog be the dummy!
  5. Placing large dogs in the backseat to avoid driving distractions. Having large dogs in the front can be a distraction and they have a lot more weight to contend with should you get into an accident. The backseat is the best place for large dogs as well. Secure them with a seatbelt harness tethered to the luggage tie downs in the back seat.
  6. Avoiding the gone “with the wind” phenomenon. Did you know that one of the most common injuries veterinarians treat is eye injuries? Yes, this often happens when dogs hang out the window of a car. Foreign objects can get in your dog’s eyes and if they’re travelling at high speeds can cause significant and lasting damage. Instead, only crack the window enough to get fresh air in but not enough for your pooch to hang out.
  7. Tying down all other loose objects. This is last one is for everyone’s safety to prevent further injuries in the event of an accident. Anything heavy enough that when airborne can cause injury should be secured, placed on the floor, or taken out of the car altogether.


[1] https://www.cartalk.com/content/fido-zone-7

[2] https://www.petstreetmall.com/articles/dogs-get-injured-in-car-accidents-too-use-a-car-seat.aspx

Dog Tattoos, Ugly Faces, and Whiskey – Outrageous Dog Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

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In the spirit of ridiculousness, did you know that these crazy dog laws were still on the books? Be careful next time you’re out and about with your furry friend!

Wanted: Dogs with tattoos…in Connecticut tattooing your dog is illegal and any dog with a tattoo must be reported to the authorities immediately! Guess they don’t like body art? It’s not that, actually, tattooing dogs use to be a common way that pet owners identified their lovable friends. So, if you spotted one of these tatted up pooches, chances were they were lost and needed help to get back home.

Dog meetings not allowed – ever! In a small Oklahoma town it is against the law for dogs to congregate in groups of three or more on private property. I guess three is really a crowd?! A special permit, signed by the mayor, is needed to make sure the dogs are in compliance with the city ordinance. So for your next throw down dog party in Oklahoma, be sure to get the proper permit approval otherwise you’ll be an outlaw. So, much for a play date!

End the ugly face making today! Oklahoma is on top of their dog legislation it seems. In another small city in the state, it is illegal to make ugly faces at dogs. Making ugly and scary faces at a dog is a sign of harassment and may provoke them to anger. Only smiling faces welcomed here.

Whiskey, Lit Cigars, and OperaProhibited. In Illinois, there are several strange laws related to dogs and their owners. It is illegal to give your dog whiskey (yes – not even a shot) or a lit cigar. Unlit cigars are okay? If you’re planning to take your French Poodle to the opera – think again – it’s just not allowed – it’s illegal!

You’re breaking the law if you dog smells. In fact, this law may have some merit – or good intentions. This Illinois law was created as a way to prevent and identify animal neglect and mistreatment. Did you know that Illinois is consistently ranked as one of the best states for animals? In fact, they have some of the nation’s toughest animal protection laws according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

You must warn before you impound! In Denver, Colorado a dog catcher must notify dogs at least three days before they are captured or impounded. The notice can be placed on a tree in the city park or along a public road that goes through or runs directly by the park. The forewarning is great, but can dogs read?

And the list wouldn’t be complete without…a recent proposal presented to Parliament that would require dog food manufacturers to incorporate phosphorescence in dog food to prevent people from stepping on poop in the dark. Well…you couldn’t say you didn’t see that coming!


Sources: DumbLaws.com, DogWatch.com, Stupid Laws

Spotlight Story: Teddy

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Every story that comes through our inbox is a story that we cherish, because we know that our fans are sharing something special with us. Every pup’s life is unique and filled with a kind of love that forever changes the lives it touches.  This was a lesson that was even more clear when we first read the story of Teddy. Marie B. reached out to us to help her find the perfect gift for her mother who had been grieving not only the loss of Teddy, but the loss of her husband as well.  We are so honored to be just a small part of this amazing pup’s story, and so we present to you this month’s Story Spotlight.


From Marie B: 

Every morning on the farm, Teddy would be so excited to greet you as you headed out for morning chores and feeding!  You could not have a bad day when you started it with him!  He was such a happy, people-pleasing dog, never angry (no really), always loving and forgiving with an incredible energy and passion to chase anything!  His eyes told such a story; as a young pup on the farm and my father’s favorite herding dog, Teddy grieved for 3 weeks after my father passed away recently.  He would go on adventures on our 300-acre farm for what I think he was looking for my father.  Once that phase moved on his unconditional love continued if not grew, if that’s even possible.  You can see in his eyes, he just wants to please and love.  My nephews would visit the farm and the moment they hit the gravel Ted would be licking and herding those young boys!  Ted was the last animal on our farm part of our family that was a piece of my father.  Ted had a heart of utter gold, so selfless. Ted recently passed away from cancer at 12 years old.  This will be a gift for my mother, she misses Teddy a lot, especially doing chores without him by your side.

Teddy’s portrait was a joy to paint, and this story was one we were anxious to hear the end of! We were thrilled to receive the following testimonials from Marie and her mother Marina. Reactions like these are why we do what we do here at My Pooch Face!


From Marie B

“We  just got our painting and it is AMAZING.  Really, my husband and I cried when we opened it. You all did such an incredible job – my mother is going to love this gift for Christmas.  Teddy is irreplaceable for us and you have captured his personality permanently for us to enjoy everyday.  THANK YOU.”

and her mother Marina M.:

My daughter marie and her husband Justin bucko thought about commissioning a piece of art from you( which was so thoughtful of them) representing our beloved Teddie… I cannot thank you as well for the beautiful and so real painting of teddie…. he was such a wonderful part of our farm family and he owned the farm too !! that was his kingdom . He took care of the sheep/ the chicken. and US ! He is so so missed!!!!

By your painting, you all have brought him back alive,seen his face every day is comfort as if he was still with us in so many ways… I have tears as I am writing this to you today.

Thank you for your beautiful work…”


We’d be honored to help you or a loved one memorialize the special fur companion in your lives as well. Get started today! 

Welcome the Class of 2015 – American Kennel Club’s Newest Recognized Dog Breeds

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Without further ado, meet the Cirneco dell’Etna, the Bergamasco, and the Boerboel. They are the newest additions to the AKC’s official registry of dog breeds. If you haven’t heard of these dog breeds before – you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here to bring you the most up-to-date dog info – hot off the press!


cinecoThe Cirneco dell’Etna, pronounced “Cheer-Nec-Ko” is part of the hound family. It has a lineage over 2,500 years old and shares a bloodline with the common Pharoah Hound. These dogs have been a permanent fixture in Sicily and have been recognized as a breed by the Italain Kennel Club since 1959. They are expert hunters of small game using their keen scene of smell and their sharp eye sight. The Cirneco is an affectionate breed and responds well to more gentle methods of training. They are a very active breed and require a lot of mental stimulation and play.




Did you know that Bergamascos have extremely long eyelashes to keep the hair on their foreheads from getting in their eyes? The Bergamasco is a muscular, sheepdog with a strong work ethic, and of course, a great head of hair! Their hair is a unique mixture of “dog hair,” “goat hair” and “wool” that combine to form soft dreadlocks. The hair grows with the dog and is likely to reach the ground when the dog is 6 years old. Despite all of the hair, the Bergamasco is an athletic and fit dog.




The original Boerboels hail from South Africa and were first bred in the seventeenth century. These dogs were well known for their brute strength and overall size. The Boerboel is considered a very large dog and is strong and naturally muscular, yet very agile. Rumors have been told that a Boerboel can kill a lion, though this is not likely true. However, Boerboels have been known to attack and kill leopards out in the wild. These are great guard dogs but are not for dog owners who have limited or no experience with larger dog breeds.

Dog at Work: The Most Lucrative Dog Job of All Time!

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 Truffle Sniffing.

Wait, what?

Yes! Dogs can make quite a living for themselves and their owners, by putting their nose where the money is!

But, what are truffles exactly?

Truffles are a fungus a.k.a. mushrooms that grow deep underground on the roots of trees – mainly hazelnut and oak trees.

They are one of the most lucrative crops in the world. On average, a pound of truffles can go for as much as $1,000 a pound. In fact, an acre of truffles would make you $40,000 richer. Though truffles can be raised and grown, the best ones are found in nature – but you’ll have to go digging for them. Chefs love natural, ripe truffles and they are a great addition to any dish – for a hefty price, of course. Some even say that truffles are a more expensive delicacy than caviar. As an example, a mere truffle shaving on a dish of pasta or eggs will likely be a $75 add-on.[1]

So, think you’re pooch has what it takes to sniff out the treasure? Unless your furry friend is a Lagotto Romagnolo, then probably not. The Lagotto Romagnolo. are the only breed of dog that is specifically bred to sniff out these instant money-making mushrooms.

Truffle sniffing is nothing new. Truffle hunters commonly used pigs to sniff them out but pigs also liked to eat their find. The Lagotto Romagnolo., once a trusted water fowl hunter began to go extinct as water fowl hunting in Italy decreased. It was found (wish I was that guy!) that they make excellent truffle sniffers because not only are they experts at finding ripe, ready to serve truffles, but they aren’t inclined to eat them once they dig them up. Currently only 500 Lagotto Romagnolos are estimated to be in the United States and we’re pretty sure they are all at work making someone rich!

If you’re not one of those lucky few, don’t worry…. we’re sure those funny doggie videos you post to YouTube will start raking in the big bucks any day!

[1] https://www.cnn.com/2015/02/26/living/domestic-truffles-eatocracy-feat/

Top 4 Reasons to Date a Dog Lover

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For the non-dog lovers out there, dating a dog lover may seem a bit overwhelming as our adorable pooch will take top dibs. Plus, their a permanent fixture of our family – blood is thicker than water, right? If you’re in the market for a new love interest, a dog lover may be the best match for you – I double dog dare you!


Here are the top 4 reasons why dating a dog-lover is a good bet for success.

  1. They’re affectionate – but not in a creepy way.

Dog lovers are well known for hugging, cuddling, and even kissing their pets. If that is the type of love and affection your potential date gives her furry companion, imagine what’s in store for you?! Dog lovers are not afraid to bend the conventional rules of pet ownership and will go the extra mile to make sure their beloved dog is taken care of – well taken care of! This affection and admiration is likely to extend to the two-leg love interests that may come their way.


  1. They’re loyal – like wait by the door for you to come home, with a shoe, kind of loyal.

Who wants to date someone that is fly by night, likes you one day, but is m.i.a. the next? Dog lovers are in it for the long haul. Whether they have had their companion since those cute puppy days or rescued them from a shelter, they entered into the dog parenthood knowing it would not be a quick process. They’re likely to be willing to see the longer-term picture and not be as interested in the immediate satisfaction of something new. Puppies are cute and will entice even the non-dog lovers to want one, but it takes a true dog-lover to follow through and be loyal to their pet through thick and thin.


  1. They’re providers – ask and it shall be given

Just like a parent cares for and provides emotional support and nourishment to a child, so too, does a dog lover for their lovable friend. Dog lovers understand that providing comes in various forms and is not limited to just the bare necessities. They’ll do what it takes to make sure their loved one is taken care of and as their potential mate, you’ll likely have some of those provider benefits trickle down to you.


  1. They’re not afraid of long-term commitment – we won’t get it and quit it!

No sir! Dog lovers understand that pet ownership is a commitment that comes with picking up poop, late night bathroom breaks, and even the occasional silent, but deadly fart. They know what they signed up for and there’s no quitting from this bunch. If you’re in a relationship with a dog lover, they’re often not fickle and are more accepting of who you are – as long as you are willing to accept their four-legged BFF too.


This is not to say that the non-dog lovers out there aren’t a good catch – but dog lovers do have some endearing qualities that would make their relationships strong, lasting, and loving.